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Recommendations for paymentDescription and transactionText

This is applicable to:

All payments are initiated with a text that appears in Vipps, using the paymentDescription (or transactionText for the older eCom API) parameter. There are separate texts for the different actions: Initiate, capture, cancel, refund.

The text should be as user-friendly and informative as possible.

The paymentDescription can be up to 100 characters.

We recommend the following, using the example "Vipps web shop":

OperationRecommended paymentDescriptionNot recommended
Initiate, one item (the paymentDescription is shown in the push message and on the payment screen)One pair of Vipps socks, Orderid acme-shop-123-order123abc in Vipps webshopPayment, Vipps webshop, Shop number 12345, Vipps
Initiate, multiple items or a shopping basketOne pair of Vipps socks, one XL hoodie, ... (truncated to ~100 characters) or Payment for order acme-shop-123-order123abc in Vipps webshop(same as above)
Initiate, reservation of maximum amount (for EV charging, parking, etc.)Midlertidig reservasjon av maksbeløp. Du bli kun belastet for faktisk bruk. English: Temporary reservation of maximum amount. You will only be charged for the actual use.Not making it clear that it is a temporary reservation of the maximum amount (otherwise: same as above)
Capture (the paymentDescription is shown on the receipt)Order acme-shop-123-order123abc. Thank you for shopping at Vipps webshop!(same as above)
RefundRefund for order acme-shop-123-order123abcRefund, reference acme-shop-123-order123abc

See also: Recommendations for reference and orderId