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Vipps APIs

Vipps has many APIs to help you integrate your store or app with the Vipps platform.

  • eCommerce API - Create various online payment flows using Vipps, including express checkout. Initiate payments, get payment details, capture payments, and refund payments.
  • Recurring API - Create and manage agreements (e.g., subscriptions). Create and manage associated charges for an agreement.
  • Login API - Confirm the identity of a customer through the log-in process.
  • Order Management API - Enrich your transactions with additional information.
  • QR API - Generate and administer QR codes that redirect the user to a URL.
  • Checkout API - Manage an online checkout session where you can handle payment processing, shipping, and gathering user info.

Special cases

Some APIs are for special use cases and are only relevant to a small group. For example:

  • Partner API - Get information about merchants or place orders on behalf of merchants.
  • PSP API - Initiate and manage the status of PSP payments.
  • PSP Signup API - Get information about merchants, create a new sale unit, or update the sale unit details.

APIs in progress

We are always improving our APIs to deliver more useful tools. These new APIs are in progress now:

  • ePayment API - Future version of the eCom API that will support online checkout.
  • Check-in API - API to communicate at the Point of Sale.
  • Report API - Retrieve data about orders and settlements.