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HTTP response codes

The Vipps APIs return the following HTTP statuses in the responses:

HTTP statusDescription
200 OKRequest successful
201 CreatedRequest successful, resource created
204 No ContentRequest successful, but empty result
400 Bad RequestInvalid request, see the error for details
401 UnauthorizedInvalid credentials
403 ForbiddenAuthentication ok, but credentials lacks authorization
404 Not FoundThe resource was not found
409 ConflictUnsuccessful due to conflicting resource
429 Too Many RequestsLook at table below to view current rate limits
500 Server ErrorAn internal Vipps problem.

In general:

  • 2XX responses: Everything is OK.
  • 4XX responses: Client error. You have a problem, and you must correct it.
  • 5XX responses: Server error. We have a problem, and we must correct it.

See the API specification for each API for details especially the API's FAQ.

See: Error.

The HTTP status overview here is quite good: HTTP Status Codes Glossary.

The authoritative reference is: RFC 9110: HTTP Semantics.