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ePayment API

The ePayment API enables your customers to pay with Vipps MobilePay from online shops; as well as at the Point Of Sale (POS).

ePayment online process


The ePayment API is the new version of both the eCom API and the MobilePay App Payments API. It is based on everything we have learned through those APIs over several years.

This API contains new functionality, so you should migrate to the ePayment API as soon as possible to take advantage of the improved user experience.

User flows

The ePayment API supports several user flows and can be used for any type of payment situation:

  • Payments online (remote sales)
  • Payments in physical situations (when the customer is present)
  • Payments initiated on the customer's phone, or on a different device (including the merchant's device)
  • Payments using QR codes

See Create payment for details.


The features of the ePayment API include:

The ePayment API enables merchants to accept payments using both the app and cards without the app:

How it works

Next steps

See Vipps MobilePay getting started for information about API keys, product activation, how to make API calls, etc.

Review the detailed documentation found here: