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Requirements for applying for a Vipps service

To apply for Vipps services, you need to have a Norwegian organization number and applications must be signed with Norwegian BankID.

In addition, before you can order any Vipps services, you must apply for a Merchant Agreement. This is a legal agreement between you and Vipps. Once the Merchant Agreement has been submitted, you can order Vipps products.

Non-Norwegian companies

Non-Norwegian companies must have the following in order to use Vipps as a payment provider and to receive payments from Vipps users:

  • A Norwegian organization number
  • A Norwegian bank account
  • An appointed contact person with a Norwegian phone number and Norwegian identity number (i.e., "fødselsnummer" or "D-nummer", 11 digits).

If the foreign company is registered in Brønnøysundregistrene, it has a contact person with a Norwegian identity number.

If the foreign company has not yet been formally established, Vipps can manually send the agreement for digital signing with Danish NemID, Swedish BankID, etc. When this is required, please contact customer service or, for partners, please contact your partner manager.

If the above is impossible, the company can use Vipps through a Payment Service Provider (PSP).

Vipps users

Vipps payments can only be made by customers with a Norwegian phone number and with a Norwegian national identity number or D-number. This is required by the Norwegian government.

Vipps users must authenticate with Norwegian BankID when creating the Vipps account.

A D-number is given to foreign persons who do not have a Norwegian national identity number, but have a need for identification for the Norwegian authorities. Read more on how to apply for a D-number.