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Frequently asked questions

Here are the eCom API Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). See the eCom API guide for all the details.

For more common questions, see:

Common problems

See FAQ: Common problems for more questions.

Why does Vipps Hurtigkasse (express checkout) fail?

When using Vipps Hurtigkasse (express checkout), Vipps makes a callback to the merchant's server to retrieve the merchant's shipping methods for the user's address. Vipps sends the user's address (with the user's consent) to the merchant, and the merchant responds with the shipping methods and cost.

If the merchant's server is slow, or has a slow internet connection, the delay may cause Vipps Hurtigkasse to fail due to a timeout.

The solution to this is a faster server and internet connection, or to provide the shipping methods as part of the payment initiation. See: Express checkout API endpoints required on the merchant side.

Please note: If you are not shipping any products you should use Userinfo instead of Vipps Hurtigkasse, to avoid asking the customer in a pub for the shipping method for the drinks, etc.

We strongly recommend checking the full history of every Vipps payment with the API: You can see if a payment has been actively rejected, if the user has not done anything, etc. See: Get payment details.

See: All errors.

Reservations and captures


The Vipps eCom API supports refunds with POST:/ecomm/v2/payments/{orderId}/refund. For details on how to offer refunds, please refer to the documentation for your eCommerce solution.

See Vipps FAQ: Refunds for answers to more questions.

Users and payments

See FAQ: Users and payments for more questions.

I have initiated an order but I can't find it

If you have multiple sales units: Make sure you use the correct API keys, and that you are not attempting to use one sales unit's API keys to retrieve an order made by a different sales unit.

Have you, or the eCommerce solution you are using, successfully implemented GET:/ecomm/v2/payments/{orderId}/details? This is a requirement, see the API checklist.

In case the callback fails, you will not automatically receive notification of order status. The solution is to check with GET:/ecomm/v2/payments/{orderId}/details.

See: API endpoints.

Express checkout

The Express checkout (Vipps Hurtigkasse), allows the user to automatically share their address information with the merchant and select a shipping option.

It is mandatory for the user to select the address and shipping method. This ensures that the user gets the item delivered to the right place in the right way.

The following images illustrate the express checkout flow:

Express checkout flow

Please note:

  • If you only need the user's information, you should use a normal payment and the Userinfo API. In other words: Don't specify "paymentType": "eComm Express Payment", but simply omit paymentType and specify the required scope.
  • It is not possible to specify scope with Express checkout.

Common errors

See FAQ: Common errors for more questions.

Why do I not get callbacks from Vipps?

Please make sure the URLs you provide to Vipps are reachable from outside your own environment.

Have a look at the Callback section in the API guide, and see How to test your own callbacks.

If you do not receive a callback, it could be because your firewall is blocking our requests. See: Vipps request servers.

Please check your own logs for any signs of problems. If your orderId is acme-shop-123-order123abc: Search your logs for acme-shop-123-order123abc.

Check the API Dashboard on for problems with the callbacks. The API Dashboard is under "Utvikler".

Why do I get Payment failed?

This error is shown in Vipps if you use Vipps Hurtigkasse (Express checkout) and respond incorrectly to the request for [shippingDetailsPrefix]/v2/payments/{orderId}/shippingDetails.

Please verify that your response is correct.

Also consider using static shipping methods, as it gives a faster payment process and a better user experience.

Why do I not get the sub from /details?

If you use the correct scope in the payment initiation, but don't get the sub in the response for /details: Check that you are following the orderId recommendations. Very short orderId values don't work well with our database index, and may cause an internal timeout, and we "have to" send the response without the sub. We cannot enforce longer orderId values due to backwards compatibility.

Other questions

See FAQ: Other questions for more questions.

What functionality is included in the eCom API, but not the PSP API?

The Vipps PSP API provides tokens that a PSP can use to charge a Vipps user's card. To put it simply, it is a "card token lookup service". The payment is completed by the PSP, who sends an update to Vipps about the success or failure.

The Vipps eCom API has some functionality that is not available in the PSP API:

  1. Retry functionality: If the user attempts to pay with a card that is declined, the user can retry with a different card, while still in the same payment process. This results in a higher success rater for payments. The PSP API does not have this functionality, as it is the PSP, not Vipps, that make the charge.
  2. Express checkout (Vipps Hurtigkasse) is only available in the Vipps eCom API.
  3. Userinfo: The Vipps eCom API offers the possibility for merchants to ask for the user's profile information as part of the payment flow: name, address, email, phone number, birthdate, etc.
  4. When using the Vipps eCom API, Vipps handles soft-declines, 3-D Secure, BankID, etc. There is nothing a merchant needs to do. This give a consistent user experience and a very high completion rate.

What does the status suffix at the fallBack URL mean?

Please disregard it. The status suffix was phased out several years ago, and is no longer documented. But, since some merchants still depend on in, it still provided.