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All notable changes to the current API will be documented in this file. To learn about API versioning, see Common topics: API Lifecycle.

March 2023

Added receiptNumber and valid barcode types.

January 2023

  • Added barcode data validation.
  • On bottomLine of the receipt, replaced receiptNumber with barcode and added posId.
  • Added kilowatt-hour (Kwh) as quantity unit on orderlines.
  • Added receiptNumber to the bottomLine of the receipt.

December 2022

In order to be a valid electronic sales receipt, we added paymentSources to the receipt bottomLine:

  • card
  • voucher
  • cash
  • giftcard

August 2022

Added IsReturn and isShipping to orderLines.

  • Shipping lines are now treated as regular orderLines.
  • Removed validation of sum, tax and discount in the bottom lines.
  • IsReturn flag is now added to orderLines. A returned orderLine will be treated as negative value.
  • Removed possibility of having negative amount on orderLines.

June 2022

Added shippingInfo object to the receipt.

September 2021

An early version of the Order Management API is made available.