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Long-living payments

The ePayment API supports long-living payments where the merchant can specify the expiration time when initiating the payment with POST:/epayment/v1/payments.

This is done by specifying expiresAt in the payment initiation request. The expiresAt must be between 10 minutes and 28 days (40320 minutes) in the future.

Please note: This functionality is only available when using the WALLET payment method, since the app is required (it does not work with freestanding card payments).

Please note: Sales units (i.e., Merchant Serial Numbers) must be especially approved to use this feature. The user experience, including the standard timeout, should be as consistent as possible, so this should only be used in special cases. To request this feature: Please contact your key account manager, your partner manager, or customer service.



This will send a push message to the customer's app (specified with phoneNumber), and the customer confirms the payment.

If the customer's phone number is unknown, the request can specify userFlow as QR. This will return the QR code for a payment, including the expiration time specified. The customer scans the QR code to complete the payment flow in the app.

If a payment is initiated with the expiresAt for a sales unit that is not allowed to use the feature, the response will be an error.


The response is similar to a regular payment initiation.