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API version: 3.0

Checklist for full integrationā€‹

Flow to go live for direct integrationsā€‹

  1. The merchant orders Vipps pƄ Nett.
  2. Vipps completes customer control (KYC, PEP, AML, etc).
  3. The merchant receives an email from Vipps saying that they can log in with bankID on and retrieve API keys.
  4. The merchant completes all checklist items.
  5. The merchant verifies the integration in the test environment by checking that there are test agreements and charges in the Vipps test environment, with the following states:
    • A complete Agreement ending in ACTIVE.
    • A complete Agreement ending in STOPPED.
    • A complete "type":"RECURRING" Charge ending in CHARGED.
    • A complete "type":"RECURRING" Charge ending in REFUNDED.
  6. The recurring merchant starts using the MSN and API keys for the production environment.
  7. The merchant verifies that what worked in the test environment also work in the production environment. Please note: Vipps does not do any kind of activation or make any changes based on this checklist. The API keys for the production environment are made available on as soon as the customer control (see step 2) is completed, independently of this checklist.
  8. The Merchant goes live šŸŽ‰