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Frequently asked questions

The Partner API lets partners use their partner keys to retrieve information about their merchants and their sales units.

See the Partner API Guide for all the technical details.

See also: Common API FAQ.

See also: Vipps MobilePay Getting Started guide.

Where do I get the pricePackageId?

The pricePackageId is a UUID, and you get it when you are activated as partner. If you have lost it, please search in your email. If you can not find it, please see Questions at the bottom of Partners.

A UUID has a format like this: 81b83246-5c19-7b94-875b-ea6d1114f099.

Can I use the Partner API in the test environment?

Nope. We do not have all the required backend systems available in the test environment.

Why is the URL for a pre-filled product order not working?

If you send an invalid request to POST:/products/orders, the pre-fill operation will fail, and the URL will lead to the standard, empty product order form. Although we do some input validation, it is not possible to validate all data.

Why do I get HTTP 404 Not Found?

You will get this error for requests to GET:/merchants/{orgno} if the merchant does not yet have an active sales unit with you as partner.

See: How to check if a merchant is signed up with the partner as partner.

When will it be possible to change an existing sales unit?

We are working on this now, as fast as we can! We know this is a very important feature, but can't give you a release date yet. The documentation will be updated as soon as we have new information.

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