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Provide QR codes

QR codes can give your users easy access to your payment pages. Provide QR codes with the QR API and ePayment API.

You can use QR codes with Vipps in two ways:

Only Merchant Redirect QR codes should be printed, as One-Time Payment QR codes typically expire after 5 minutes.

Merchant Redirect QR codes

Merchant Redirect QR codes contain a URL to a merchant's website.

Demo QR code

The user flow is like this:

Merchant redirect QR flow

This creates a QR that works as a redirect back to the merchant. The website is specified as the redirectUrl in the POST:/qr/v1/merchant-redirect request.

Learn more about these on the Merchant Redirect QR codes page.

One-Time Payment QR codes

One-Time Payment QR codes lead directly to a payment confirmation screen in Vipps.

One-Time Payment QR flow

Initiate a payment which generates a One-Time Payment QR code through the ePayment API. Send the POST:/epayment/v1/payments request.

Learn more about these on the One-Time Payment QR codes page.

Relevant comments

The user must be presented with the terms and conditions of the purchase before confirming the payment in Vipps. There is no functionality for showing terms and conditions on the payment screen in Vipps. This is why the answer to Can I send a Vipps payment link in an SMS, QR, or email? is "No", but with an important exception:

It may be acceptable to automatically trigger the Vipps payment when the user enters your website. This requires that the payment process is user initiated, and that there are no relevant terms and conditions or that the user has accepted any terms and conditions at an earlier stage.

This means that for printed QR codes there are two alternatives:

  • Use a QR code that contains a URL to the merchant's website, and use Vipps Hurtigkasse (express checkout) or a regular Vipps payment there.
  • Present the terms and conditions of the purchase together with the QR code. Use a QR code that contains a URL to the website, but simply create a payment instantly and then redirect the user directly to the Vipps payment instead of showing and content on the website.