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Parking and "Pay-as-you-go"

Vipps MobilePay can make it easier for your customers to pay for parking and other and "pay-as-you-go" services.

The solution is a combination of the Login and Recurring APIs, and makes special use of: Recurring agreements with variable amount.

Parking scenario

The following illustration shows how Vipps can be used to charge for parking.

Paying for parking with Vipps

The customer has entered an agreement that allows the parking company to charge for parking every day. They specify the total amount they are allowed to be for all parking that day.

The same solution can of course be used to charge weekly, monthly, or yearly.


  1. The customer scans a QR code and is sent to the parking company's website. See Merchant Redirect QR codes.
  2. The customer logs in or creates an account with Vipps Login. The customer now has an account, with verified user data, and is able to both log in and pay.
  3. The customer enters an agreement, as usual. See Create an agreement.
  4. The customer parks one or more times.
  5. The accumulated parking fees are used to create one charge with the total amount. Vipps supports Recurring agreements with variable amount. See: Create a charge.

Relevant comments

  • For parking and "pay-as-you-go" cases, we usually recommend that you set up a Recurring agreement with variable amount and daily interval.
  • You are able to create as many charges as you want within the interval, but we recommend that you sum up the usage over the day and create one charge for that day.
  • You need to take the maximum amount limit into account. For example, if the agreement is set to daily and maximum amount is 1000, you will not be able to create charges that bring the total to more than 1000 for that day. Remember that it is you, as the merchant, who will set the suggested maximum amount, so you can guide the users to a suitable limit.
  • If the total for the usage of your service sums up to more than maximum amount and you create a charge that is larger than maximum amount, the end user will be notified in Vipps and asked to increase their limit for this agreement.