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Extend payment time-outs

💥 Work in progress 💥

You can extend the expiration time for payments beyond the default, 10 minutes. In some cases, this is not enough time for a customer to complete the payment. For instance:

  • Paying at a doctor's office, where the payment request may arrive as the patient is leaving the office and doesn't notice it.
  • Paying at a toll road where the driver cannot stop to complete the payment.

You can extend this expiration time for payments through the ePayment API.

Extending the payment expiration time is done by setting the expiresAt parameter in the POST:/epayment/v1/payments request. The expiresAt must be between 10 minutes and 28 days (40320 minutes) in the future.

This will send a push message to the customer's Vipps app on their mobile phone. If the customer's phone number is unknown, the system can request with userFlow set to QR. This will return the QR code for a payment with the expiration time that you have specified.

The customer either clicks on the notification or scans the QR code to complete the payment flow in the Vipps app.

Payment flow in the app

The customer can soft dismiss this payment by clicking Cancel -> I'll pay later. This option will only be shown to payments that have expiresAt property set, as shown below:

Soft dismiss a payment

Soft-dismissed payments will be available in the Vipps app until expiry. Vipps will remind the user when the payment is about to expire. For example:

Soft dismiss a payment

See How to create a payment request with extended expiration time for all the technical details.