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Vipps Plugins

Vipps provides several open source plugins for various web solutions. This page gives an overview, and the sections below have more details. We update this table as soon as statuses or plans change.

API documentation

See Vipps Developers: Getting started for documentation about how to integrate with Vipps.


Platform/solutioneCommerceVipps CheckoutRecurringLoginSupport
Vipps product infoVipps på nettFaste betalingerVipps Logg Inn-
Magento 2vipps-magentovipps-checkout-magento-vipps-login-magentoDetails
Magento 1vipps-magento-v1---Details
Optimizely (Episerver)vipps-episerver--vipps-login-dotnet-
Craft CommerceTo be decided.--vipps-craft-loginCraft-related issues / Plugin-related issues / Vipps-related issues

Craft Commerce

Craft text

More information about Craft on


Drupal logo

More information about Drupal on


(formerly known as Episerver)

Episerver logo

More information about Episerver on

Magento 2

Magento logo

More information about Magento 2 on

Magento 1

Important The Vipps Payment Module for Magento 1 is no longer supported. Vipps will no longer do updates or patches to the module. Run this code at your own risk.


Shopify logo

More information about Shopify on

Important deprecation notice! Shopify has changed their APIs and the previous Vipps app is no longer supported after July 31 2022. You will have to install a new Vipps app to be able to support Vipps payments. Remember to capture/refund/cancel all existing orders before installing the new app. It is also possible to manually capture/refund/cancel in the Vipps Portal. The new Vipps payment app is available from


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More information about WooCommerce on


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