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Getting started

Vipps and MobilePay have recently merged so the information is still under development. Most MobilePay information is still on the MobilePay developers website, but will be updated here soon.

For information about getting started with MobilePay, see: MobilePay developers website.

Get started with Vipps

Get started with Vipps by applying for services. After that, you can start testing and implementing best practices.

Apply for Vipps services

You can apply for services on See Requirements for applying for a service.

Please note: If you plan to use Vipps through a PSP, please see Direct integration and PSP integration.

Vipps is required to perform a background check on all merchants who want to use Vipps services, so it might take a few days before you hear back from us. You can check the status of your application on or by contacting customer service.

You can start getting familiar with the products and preparing for placing an order. Here are the most common API products:

See Vipps APIs for a complete list of API products.

For a Norwegian overview of the products, see Produkter og tjenester (Products and services).

When the Merchant Agreement is approved and your product order is sent, you (or the user associated with the order) will receive an email with the name and serial number of your test sales unit, along with credentials for logging into the Vipps Merchant Test (MT) app. Now, you can start testing with the Vipps APIs.

When your product order is approved, you will get an email stating that you can get your production API keys on These will allow you to start running API commands against the production server (e.g., create a payment request that goes to a real user's Vipps app).

Start testing

Start by getting your API keys. You will need these for providing authentication when sending Vipps API requests. For more information about the keys, see the API keys page.

You can download and install the Vipps test app as described in the Vipps test apps section. Once this is done, you will be able to send Vipps API requests to the test server address ( and respond by using the Vipps Merchant Test (MT) app. Learn more about the Vipps Merchant Test (MT) app on the Vipps Merchant Test (MT) page.

To experiment with sending requests (e.g., create payment, cancel payment, refund payment), Postman is a good alternative. We have several API-specific quick start guides using Postman to help you get started.

Implement best practices

It is very important that you check the return response of each API call. You will get information about potential problems that could cause the customers problems or might cause you to lose money.

We strongly recommend to use the API Dashboard for detecting errors in the API use, in addition to normal monitoring.