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Vipps Developer Information

Start your journey in the Getting Started page. This is where you learn about the API keys, test environments, and how to make calls.

There are several types of Vipps APIs. These are found under Vipps APIs in the sidebar or header.

Quick links:

Dive deeper with:

  • Developer resources - API dashboard, demo store, design guidelines, Vipps portal, status pages, etc.
  • Common API topics - API keys, API lifecycle, authentication, HTTP headers, polling guidelines, reserve and capture, userinfo, Vipps landing page, etc.
  • Frequently asked questions - Requirements, common problems, refunds, users and payments, Vipps landing page, problems for end users, etc.

Vipps provides several open source plugins for various web solutions. See our Plugins section. For information about partners, see our Partner section.